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CLICK HEREfor the classmate registry of Shaler Huskies from the class of 1971. This information will be used solely to contact you to inform you of events such as the 50th Reunion and associated planning meetings.

It is not a registration or commitment to attend any event

It is with a heavy heart I have to inform you that we have lost another classmate
James R. Schadel passes away on Monday, December 28, 2020
following a long battle with cancer

Greetings Fellow Huskies,

Notes from Zoom Meeting # 2 on 2/18/21

  • 13 Huskies attended and 2 Huskies reported they could not attend.
  • The poll result was 13 to 6 to have the reunion in 2021 not 2022. That fixes the dates as August 13 – 15, 2021.

A discussion on the venue ensued. I was requested to get information on the “Barn” down the hill from our previous venue. [Directly down the hill from the previous venue (Flagstaff/Flanders) is St Paul’s Church. It is not a park venue. Nearby is the Parish Hill venue. It is not air conditioned, seats about the same as Flagstaff/Flanders, has slightly less parking, has a kitchen, and costs $80 more.]

It was decided to not invite other classes to join our reunions.

The next topic discussed was food. North Park has a policy to allow Food trucks if they follow North Park rules. I have received several leads from attendees on both Food Trucks and Caterers. If someone wants to chair a sub-committee on Food, I will forward what I have. Otherwise, I will compile it and other material and send it out for discussion at our next Zoom meeting. [That date/time has not yet been set.]

Jim Dembowski is working to clean up our email lists.

Everyone was asked to contact other classmates and get them to register at our website. The CORRECT website is:

I have been asked by Allegheny County to assist at the COVID vaccination site in Castle Shannon. So, my “free” time has been drastically reduced. It should end in the next week or so. If I don’t respond quickly, you now know why.



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31st Reunion – 2002
Cruisin’ on the Liberty Bell

  • Reunion Photo Gallery (Cruisin’ on the Liberty Bell)
  • Winner of the Harley Davidson
  • Reflections


41st Reunion – 2012
North Park Picnic

  • Reflections
  • Pre-Reunion Mixer at the E-Town, Etna, PA
  • Reunion Photo Gallery (North Park Picnic)


45th Reunion – 2016
North Park Picnic