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31st Reunion – 2002

31st Reunion – 2002 Cruising on the Liberty Belle

Marte Yerkins won the 2002 Harley Davidson XL 883R Sportster, (supplied by Maisto ) by correctly identifying the Shaler classmates that were members of the band Optical Illusion.

The contest was tied between Marte Yerkins and Sharon (Michaely) Veatch, both entries correctly identifying the Shaler classmates from the class of 70 and 71. However. Marte went one step further and identified Ron Crawford, who was in our class but moved away before our junior year. Congratulations Marte!!! The prize as it turned out was a die cast toy!!

What Classmates have to say

Jim Kearns just E-mailed me and said the fuse was already lit for the next one……..Judy Agnole (Matous)

I was so pleased to see all my good friends from our class and also get reacquainted with ones that I didn’t really know 30 some years ago. The boat was a perfect venue and the food was very good. I think I’ll contact some classmates that didn’t go and tell them of the great time they missed. You know, we really have a great group of people and I wish it were possible to get together more often than every five (or six) years…Marte Yerkins

I didn’t see anyone not enjoying themselves Saturday nite. I think it was actually better than high school…….Tom Glatz

Got an e-mail from Fay who suggested we have a mini reunion each year. Ballgame, picnic, etc…….Rick Barie

Anyone who couldn’t attend certainly missed a spectacular night. To me, everything was perfect – seeing old friends and renewing so many relationships, the food, the music…….Ginger Worst (Blum)

I had a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone who attended.  I have a feeling I missed a few people but it was good talking to the ones that I did see.  It was so nice to see and talk to the Middle Road gang and all of those from Lower Glenshaw grade school.  Only wish Linda Falcetoni could have been there!  Hope to see you all on the mini excursions!  You all looked great!!!  I do believe we get better as we age!….Jan Walker (Kramer)

Let’s have the next one at Hooters!…..Jim Kearns

Thank you to Jim and Judy and everyone who helped plan this reunion.  It was a walk down memory lane.  We could not have wished for a better evening.  Thanks again!……..Joyce (Grall) Dayen

I’ve gotten back to my “real” life in Texas and haven’t checked the site in awhile, but I will always cherish the fantastic time I had with everyone at the reunion.  It was so great to be back in Pgh. and back with my old friends.  It was overwhelming and I will never forget it.  Do I need to get a life?  NO…I have a great life and this just added something extra special.  Thanks everyone! Special thanks to those who made the whole thing possible…….. Lisa (Kendrick) Ocheltree